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Our Modules


Loan Origination System

  • Unlimited logins
  • Leads Management
  • Reminder notifications
  • Training and guidance
  • Email notification
  • sms integration
  • PAN verification
  • Fraud check system
  • Recommendations by credit manager
  • Report management
  • Documents management
  • CAM report
  • approval of genuine documents
  • monitarization

Loan Management System

  • Financial accounting
  • Tally features
  • Welcome letters
  • Agreement process
  • Repayment Management
  • Friendly EMI’s setup
  • Disbursement Management
  • Documentation report
  • Due EMI’s settlement
  • Alert Notification for EMI’s payment
  • MIS
  • RA and other deeds
  • Email Updates
  • SMS Facilities


  • Resources allocation
  • Regular Follow Up
  • Cash management
  • Live tracking
  • Admin Access
  • alternative payment method

How our loan works



  • APIs Integration Notifications for Paying EMIs - To keep the system running well, consumers will receive an automated reminder to pay their EMIs. This will depend on how efficiently the system can be maintained during the given time frame.
  • Deployed Formulas Fully Automated Program - The system has a formula in place to manage all duties and activities in a totally digitised manner that is simple to approach and deal with.
  • Eligibility Criteria Check Team Management - Team management with a good system to use the implemented formula and to save the immediate results for the consumers to verify eligibility.
  • Effective Engine of the System Tracking Management - The efficient engine system of the tracking management has been configured to compute the tracking results and create fresh, creative responses.
  • Systematic Workflow Live Investigation - The ideal way to operate with a system is to monitor it in real time, review the workflow, and keep an eye on the team's activities as necessary.
  • Higher Security - The highest level of security is what our management and system prefer to offer in order to make the database robust and secure.
  • Priorities for the Flexible Panels - The most advantageous feature of our system is the workflow, which is flexible enough to allow clients to use the panels in accordance with their needs and the workflow of the business.
  • User Based Compatibility - This is the most user-friendly and accessible source for all customers when interacting with the system.Because the consumers' web-based panel and application will be available.
  • Most Active Information Provider - The system's ability to give customers information and update them on their status and verification more quickly than any other factor is its most significant feature.
  • Notification Reminder - The purpose of this feature is to efficiently handle all of the crucial customer reminders so that they can simply plan reminders for updates and information.
  • RBI Guidelines for NBFCs - The most crucial role that the guidelines play for the clients is in keeping them informed about all the plans and strategies that the government sector will release and put into action.
  • Proper Guidance for Managing System - The clients will receive appropriate training sessions so they can utilise the programme effectively and deal with the techniques.
  • Policies Creation - Here, the administrator has the choice to design policies and deactivate items in accordance with the workflow and the needs and specifications of the structure.
  • Managing Issues with Active Solutions - Our main goal is to immediately solve every issue NBFCs and Financial Institutions are having. and to consider the issues that are encountered every day.
  • Notifications for Paying EMIs - Every time clients receive a reminder to pay their EMIs on time, it will be simpler to maintain a systematic record.
  • Fully automated program - The entire process has been created by the system so that it could operate completely automatically.
  • Team management - The administration of the team will be handled by a hierarchy, and duties will be assigned in order to manage the team in a methodical manner.
  • Tracking management - The management will have an excellent chance to monitor all of the team's actions and tasks, as well as all of the individuals using the panels for their work.
  • Live investigation - This kind of tool will assist in maintaining the terms and conditions by allowing users to keep track of the live investigation while field executives conduct inspections and other executives conduct meetings.
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