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"Vouivre Innovative is specialising in Information Technology Services (ITes) and consulting. The key areas of focus are Software development,
Website designing, Graphic designing, Mobile application development and Digital marketing.Vouivre works for the defence department as well. Vouivre has launched a product called “WIND” for all the NBFCs and Financial Institutions."

He is by proud a Vouivre Innovative thinker and visionary being multitudinous technology expert with over 7 years experience in developing cutting-edge IT Solutions for various Businesses domains, he is the company's major driving forces, inspiring to deliver more highly competitive solutions. with the perfect market vision and the aim to collect the brightest minds, he founded vouivre Innovative, having managed to gather the geeks who are able to fight against emerging technologies and cope with the hardest challenges. Possible only because of our clients who have placed their trust on us and our excellent team of professionals.

Sohan Kr Timalsina
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